About: A Night in New York

The Kingston Gala Premiers: “A Night in New York”. A black tie affair for the mature business class, locals, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. A social event brought to you by: Gold Club Events and Jeff Easton. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the perfect Christmas holiday party for all with DJ’s, NYC bourbon and scotch cocktail lounge themed with Paul Stulac brand, VIP booths, old Hollywood themed inspirations throughout the decor and an enrichment of local Kingston business owners afloat.  We have set a goal to create a zenith in adult entertainment and through our dedicated team we have accomplished all of our unique ideas into a massive large scale event. This isn’t a trade show, conference or networking event; this is an upscale Christmas party for local Kingstonians. We will be catering the event with hors d’oeuvres, drinks and special surprises. If you are a company or organization looking to book a booth or provide a sponsorship; we have options for you to expose your brands live in front of over 300 + guests and Kingston businesses. Book a VIP booth and come experience an unforgettable change of pace downtown Kingston December 19th 8:00 p.m – 2:30 a.m. Lets help flourish the community, buy tickets and enjoy an evening with family and friends.

Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for the Partners in Mission Food Bank Kingston. We are Canadians, strong, proud, grateful to be living freely in this Country. We are caring, kind and always help each other in times of need.Kingston is one of the biggest contributors to helping the community and people who need us. We are proud to give back during the Christmas holidays, and work with the local food bank! Everyone needs to eat, we all need to feed and help each other. Those who cannot afford these necessities, we need to step in and make sure there’s food on everyone’s plate. Help us help the Partner in Mission – Local Food Bank of Kingston on December 19th. We will be raising funds and awareness for this cause.


  • Don’t forget that the vast number of new jobs being created are part time.
  • An upswing in working poor is being seen by the food providers of Kingston. People are trying, but unable to make enough to afford the food their bodies and minds need to function.
  • With almost 20,000 Kingstonians living with incomes below the Poverty Line, there are faces of every age and colour that need assistance. Add to that the thousands more who live close to the LICO who can’t afford food
  • In 2013 between 30 and 54 families requested food vouchers each month.





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